Guard (ening) Your Safety This Summer

Summer is almost here. Hooray! It’s finally time to go out into the garden and enjoy the fruits of a beautiful if not short blast of sunshine. Get the kids together, call up the friends, and unsheathe the barbeque because it’s about to get summery. Oh, what a time to be alive.

However, it’s worth noting that you can’t enjoy the benefits of summer if you have an accident. Why do I bring it up? Well, it’s mainly because the garden is a dangerous place. There is steep steps, sharp tools, and white-hot charcoals laying around. For most people, these hazards aren’t a problem, and they just continue on their merry way. But, that’s how accidents happen.

Because you don’t want to spend the whole summer indoors with an injury, you need to hazard-proof the garden before it’s too late. The good news is that if you start now, you’ll finish by the time the warm weather arrives. Thank goodness!

Handrails On Steps

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to obliterate the steps and install a ramp that you can walk up and down without a care in the world. Well, there might be, but it would cost a fortune in time and money. Nope, the steps are here to stay. Still, that doesn’t mean they have to be a danger to anyone that wants to walk up to the next level. With the aid of a handrail, there is no need trip and fall and land on your head. The rail will steady you as go up and down the steps to eliminate any potential accidents. Short of a net at the bottom of the last step, there isn’t a better way to deal with steep stairs. And, the even better news is that they don’t cost a fortune. Firms like have a selection which is very affordable and good-looking.

Plant Prunage

Plants and flowers seem nice and pretty, but they have a nasty side. Rose bushes, for example, have prickly thorns that can rip open the skin. Obviously, no one wants a thorn in the finger, not least because it will put you off roses for life. Thankfully, there is a way to negate the sting: prune them down. Flowers and plants only become a problem when they overgrow. When they are nice and neat, they tend to mind their business and keep to themselves. The same goes for stinging nettles that have plagued gardens since the dawn of time. With a trusty hedge clipper, there is no need for plants to be anything other than pretty.

Uncovered Cords

To make a garden feel like a place you want to spend your summer days and nights, you have to add an element of attractiveness. Indeed, no one wants to sit outside and relax in a cesspit of filth and squalor because it isn’t very soothing. What is relaxing is a water feature or a set of lights which create a peaceful atmosphere. So, there is bound to be cords and wires scattered around as a result of the extras that you have added over the years. Obviously, they can be a hazard as they increase the chances of a trip or fall. You can’t take them away completely, so what do you do? Easy: you thread the wires and cords away from the main paths. That way, no one should fall as they will never be in the way.

Let There Be Light

Gardens aren’t only daytime pleasures. When the weather is warm, a garden is a great time to sit and enjoy the night time, too. The only problem with the evening time is that it lacks light, a lot of light. As a result, it can be hard to find your way around the garden even if you know it like the back of your hand. After all, you never know when a stray rake might hit you in the face. The solution, as you can probably guess, is to add artificial light. Lamps and lanterns are an excellent way to illuminate the paths and walkways, as well as the danger areas like the pool. Also, outdoor light features tend to give off a great vibe, so they look fantastic. Practical and stylish? Result!  

Block Off Open Water

The lucky ones among you might have a pool. Apart from being an excellent place to cool off, it’s also a health hazard. Lots of people have fallen into pools and never come out again, and that’s not an exaggeration. Neither is saying that you need to block off any open water sources if you value your safety. For swimming pools, it’s easy to go and pick out your favourite. Ponds are a little different as a fence will block off the area completely, and that makes it pointless. The alternative is to cover it with a sheet. Then, if anyone does fall in, they should land on the cover and not touch the water. It’s basic and crude, but it’s downright effective. And, when an average of ten people a year drown in their backyard, effective is what you want.

Remove Clutter

Gardens are notorious for clutter. The reason is two-fold. The first is that they tend to be big spaces with plenty of room. And, because houses are smaller, it’s more prudent to throw something outside than keep it inside. Secondly, you don’t use the garden all year round. In the autumn and winter, gardens are deserted which makes them the perfect playground for a mess. Now that it’s summer, it’s time to remove the clutter so that it doesn’t do anyone harm. Tools should go in the shed; pieces of material should go in the bin, and the old fridge should go to the tip. If left in the garden, they might come back and bite you on the bum.

Homeowners should always treat the garden with respect it deserves. After all, it isn’t always the cosy and comfortable haven that it seems.

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