How Do You Find The Look Of A Room?

The empty room. It’s a daunting sight and a real challenge to any home owner. You might initially think how excited you are to work with a blank canvas, but the truth is that it can be a lot harder than you initially imagine. If you’re wondering where to go from, we’re going to help you find a few starting points that can help you build a look.

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Think thematically
Perhaps one of the easiest ways to put together the look of a room is to look at the overall trending styles at the moment. Whether you want the rustic look, the contemporary style or a more minimalist approach to your décor, there are plenty of guides that can help you nail it. It might seem a little limiting in some respects, but if you’re completely stuck on where to start for a look of your own, they can be helpful guidelines to follow along.
Pick a piece you love
Maybe you already have something in the room or something you want to put in there. It might be a piece of modern art as the main part of a feature wall for the room. It might be a plush burgundy sofa that will be one of the main parts of the room. Use the pre-existing items to extrapolate a style. For instance, you can use that piece of art to decide an overall aesthetic, such as sleek, modern furniture to go with a piece of pop art. Or you can use the sofa as the basis for a whole colour scheme.

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Start with the essentials
Perhaps you have some functional needs that you want the room to be able to adhere to. If you want wooden flooring in the room, then that can serve as a basis to build up from. There are plenty of different directions to go in from those essentials, too. From wooden flooring, for instance, you can decide on a clean, sleek, minimalist modern look or you can contrast it with rugs and plush furniture to get a bit more hygge in the home.
Consider what’s available to you
Flooring serves as a good example of a functional choice you make that later helps you decide which direction to take your décor in. However, there might be some properties of the room that force you to think a bit more practically about those choices, too. For instance, let’s consider the rooms that get only a little natural night. Adding some extra lighting is going to be a start, but that room is always going to have a darker feel to it unless you open it up more. So, for a darker room, consider fitting colours, such as a strong plum. You can use lighter colours, but they’re better off in warmer tones so the space doesn’t look too cold.
In future, if you’re a home décor aficionado, it’s a good idea to keep a mood board for future potential room makeovers. Using Pinterest, you can easy piece together the difference pieces of inspiration you spot here and there so you always have plenty to go back on.

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