How To Keep Your Kids Engaged And Active This Summer

While it may seem as if we were just celebrating the New Year, it is already May, and that means that if you have children, they will be breaking up from school soon. The six weeks of holiday that children get every year is so special because they remember it for the rest of their lives. Whether it is a family holiday where they were mesmerized by one of the (many) wonders of the world, or just spending time with their friends not worrying about anything, it is coming up soon. A lot of parents look towards the holiday with a mix of excitement and trepidation. It is always great to spend time with your kids and enjoy the long summer days of having fun and forgetting your worries, but at the same time, six weeks is a long time to keep children entertained. They may complain that school is boring, but lots of kids can get bored at home just over the course of a weekend. Another concern is summer learning loss. The statistics are quite something. Research has shown that over the course of the summer holidays, children can lose as much as 2.6 months of maths skills, two months of reading skills and that six weeks are spent in the autumn term relearning some of this material. On top of keeping your kids entertained, you now have to worry about keeping their minds engaged too. Here are a few tips on some ways of doing it:

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While your children may think that art galleries and museums are boring, they are not. Many are designed with children in mind and involve interactive displays and easy to read information. You could visit the National Football Museum in Manchester, or go and see dinosaurs in Edinburgh. Either way, if you look closely enough, you will be able to find something that every kid is interested in. Besides, if they are having fun, they may not realize that they are learning at the same time.

Not everything has to be so serious though. Taking them out to do an exciting activity like Lakeside Karting will help them have fun as well as get them to work on their hand-eye coordination as well as reaction time under pressure.

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About 16% of adults in the UK (roughly 5.1 million) are functionally illiterate. This means that they would not pass an English GCSE paper and have the reading capacity of an 11 year old. This rather worrying trend is not good for those people or for the country as a whole. Encouraging children to love reading at a young age can make immense differences in their academic performance. Reading also makes people more empathetic and makes them more emotionally intelligent. If you want your child to read more, you should find out if a local library is running the Summer Reading Challenge this year. Children are encouraged to read six books over the summer and are rewarded with a poster and stickers and other prizes as they go along. It is free and a great way to engage your child.

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