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Most people who complain about the fact that they don’t travel enough will usually lay the blame on the amount of time they have for it - or, more specifically, the lack thereof. It’s certainly understandable; many of us work a regular 9-6 kind of job, and it’s difficult to imagine travelling often in such circumstances. But is it really that difficult to find more time for travel? Here’s a quick guide to finding that time.

Think about travel differently

When most people think about travelling, they’re usually thinking of pretty long trips to far-off places. They imagine going on a vacation that lasts at least a week - the average seems to be about two weeks. But fitting more travel into your life doesn’t necessarily mean fitting more fortnight-long vacations into your life! You need to think about your travel goals a bit differently. Going for the sort of quirky weekend breaks with local accommodation from the likes of Toprooms will help you see new places more frequently. When you restrict ‘travel’ to long adventures overseas, you just end up throttling your travelling potential.

Take time off strategically

The thing that prevents most people from travelling as often as they’d like? That’s right: work. Sure, a lot of people may find that the problem is with their familial responsibilities, but most people simply aren’t able to get the time off they need. Again, this can be a problem with its root in the viewpoint mentioned above: the assumption that you need a lot of time off to travel somewhere. But if you use your vacation days strategically, you may find you can score more time off than you think. When there’s a public holiday weekend coming up, consider booking two days off, one on Friday and the other on the following Tuesday. Congrats - you just got yourself five days off!

Get negotiating

If you would prefer to have more vacation days, then you’re going to need to get negotiating with your boss. Getting more vacation days is actually a lot more realistic than people think; people tend to assume that such an ask is impossible, and that you’re stuck with the fourteen to thirty vacation days you’re given per year. (Thirty is much higher than the average, though, so if you have thirty days already then you might be pushing it if you ask for more!) Of course, getting more days off will require a sacrifice on your part. This might mean a slight knock to your salary, for example. But this might be worth it when you remember just how much more satisfying great experiences can be than money!

Be open-minded

If you want to travel more frequently, then you’re going to have to be more flexible. And we’re not just talking about being more flexible with your time. When you travel often, you should aim to make as many savings as possible. This means you should be open-minded when it comes to your destination and accommodation. Sometimes the best way to travel more often is to look outside the ‘mainstream travel’ options. Couchsurfing, for example, is an excellent way of saving time and money.

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