What You Need For a Trip to the Seaside

A trip to the seaside is a real treat when the weather is nice and the whole family has some time off. Sun, sea and sand is just what the doctor ordered to come back refreshed. Adults can relax and attempt to get a tan, while kids make sandcastles and splash about in the sea. When the day is finished, there’s nothing nicer than a visit to the fish and chip shop for some fresh fish and piping hot chips. So, what do you need to know to make your trip to the seaside perfect for everyone?

Pack Essentials
Whether the seaside is on your doorstep or miles away, you’ll still need to pack a few essentials to make the day a success. For example, you’ll all need beach towels to dry you off if you go in the water, and in the absence of chairs, they’re perfect for sitting on, on the sand. You may also need a bucket and a spade for the kids, although they can usually be purchased along the sea front at peak times. Pack some light snacks and drinks, along with sun cream, hats and sunglasses.
Getting There
For the lucky few, it may mean taking a few steps across the road to get to the beach. But, for most of us it’s a long travel to authentic seaside. If you’re packing up the car, you may want to do a few checks before you go. For example, checking the oil, water and tyres. You may also want to plan ahead when it comes to parking. Summer is a busy time at the seaside. If you don’t want to drive, there are always coach trips that run to the seaside every year. You can find some here.

Stay Longer
Visiting the seaside doesn’t have to be a 24 hour deal. In fact, many British families with young children prefer it to going abroad. Consider staying longer than one day to get your full taste of the seaside. There are usually caravan sites nearby that suitable for camping or allow families to book static caravans. If a camp site isn’t your thing, take a look at Lyme Bay House for some ideas instead. Imagine waking up to a cooked breakfast at the edge of the sea front – heaven!

What’s going on in the area while you’re visiting? Seaside towns will often make the most of the Summer months by piling on the entertainment. After all, it’s their biggest opportunity to make money. Do some research and find out what entertainment is on at the time of your visit and if you need to book tickets in advance. It could be anything from face painting at the beach to mini-golf or a full circus.

The seaside will be busy, so use your common sense. Don’t leave valuables unattended. Don’t let your children swim out too far. Keep a close eye on young children wherever you are and stay hydrated throughout the day to avoid feeling unwell.

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