From Uni To The Tricky World Of Work

Anyone who has ever been in their final year of university will know what a terrifying feeling it can be. There ahead of you is the whole world, ready to take you in, but you are either unsure of what you want, or how to get it - or both. If you are going straight into the world of work - and most people will have to - then you might well be nervous about doing so. For this, you will probably be excused. But it is helpful to know about some of the things you can do in order to improve this situation, and make your journey into work much easier and hopefully more successful. To that end, let’s take a look at what you can do to make things a little easier on yourself.
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Stick To One Path

It is quite common for recent graduates to flip-flop between one path and another. This is understandable - after all, it can be a frightening prospect to limit yourself to one particular career path. However, if you are serious about maximising your chances of finding work, you will probably find that this approach is basically essential. Yes, it is a little nerve-wracking, but it is also the best way to ensure that you actually land a job of any kind. Once you have done that, you can of course later move on to a different career path if you choose to. But for now, it is a wise move to find a career you think you will enjoy, and devote all of your energy towards being successful in that area.

Remember Your Ability To Change

It is common for recent graduates to quickly feel stuck in their new job. After all, in comparison to uni life, work can really feel like a burden. This is normal. But if it persists, the problem might be more to do with what the job is and what it actually means to you (or doesn’t) than the mere fact that you have to work. If this seems to be the problem then you might want to remind yourself that no job has to be forever, no matter how fixed or permanent it might at first seem. You can always change paths later on, and if you like you can go from one job to another for as long as you live. The important thing is to choose a life path which makes you happy, and which you can hopefully rely on for the duration. And if you want to change, do so. This approach will also enable you to take some of the pressure off yourself when you are looking for that first job out of the gate. That alone can be extremely beneficial at such a time as this.

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Make It Easier For Yourself

There’s no need to search for work for longer than you need to. It can be amazing how long many people spend in this limbo in between university and work. Try not to be one of those people. Do everything you can think of to make the actual job hunt as easy on yourself as possible. This is likely to be a significant factor in how likely or not you are to land a job as soon as you need to, so it is essential to do this. One way to make it easier is to ensure that you are actually looking in the right places. There are many resources which can help you to land work specifically as a recent graduate. Sanctuary Graduates recruitment is a good example, and you might be able to find others offering a similar service. You can also make it much easier simply by practising for interviews as much as possible. This is the part of the process people tend to struggle with the most, so it is worth getting good at it if you want to land a job soon. With that down, you can be sure of getting into the world of work in no time.

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Ask Your University For Help

All good universities will have a lot to help you improve your chances of landing a job. If you are serious, you should make the most of those opportunities when they present themselves - and seek them out when they don’t. Maybe you can speak to your favourite tutor about your options, or there might even be a walk-in CV clinic where you can improve your CV. Whatever is there, make use of it while you are still allowed to do so. It could make all the difference.

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