Going Green Has Never Looked So Good

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You probably don’t associate going green and making your house more energy friendly as a stylish option. But, it certainly can be because there are various ways to change your home that will improve the energy usage and the style. Let’s look at a few of the possibilities and determine whether they would fit into your next room redesign.

Shine A Little Brighter

One possibility would be to switch the bulbs in your home from halogen to brand new beautiful LEDs. LEDs last thousands of hours and use a fraction of the energy that halogen bulbs do. However, that’s not the only advantage they bring to a room. LED bulbs are also far brighter, and the light that they emit is far brighter and more powerful. As such, it can make your room look cleaner and clearer. So, there is definitely a stylish factor to consider here. The best part is that you can get LEDs that fit into different room styles. So, you might be redesigning your kitchen. If that’s the case, LED downlights will look phenomenal. These downward facing spotlights can draw attention to key features in the room such as a beautiful breakfast bar or a new electronic hob. That’s another stylish feature that can save you a fortune.

Hot In All The Right Places

Since we’re thinking about the kitchen, you could consider purchasing a heat induction hob. The clue of how this helps the energy consumption of your home is in the name. These hobs only heat underneath the surface of the pan that you are using, no matter what the shape or size. As such, you can easily make sure that your energy bill is far cheaper when cooking. There’s another advantage, and that’s the lighting. These hobs have colourful lighting displays that look awesome and completely futuristic.

When One Door Opens…

Another opens? Wait, that’s not the phrase but it can be because when you install a new bifold door in your home you’ll be maxing the exterior appeal and keeping heat trapped inside the home. Bifold doors look stunning as an add on to a kitchen or conservatory, but they are also fantastic for insulation. With better sealants than typical doors, they will keep heat trapped inside. The doors glide open and look tremendous with beautiful designs that will add a lot to the feel of your home.

Now, That’s Smart

Another cool way to save energy and make sure your home looks awesome would be a smart control. Smart controls can be connected to all and every area of your home with smart bulbs and smart tech. That means you’ll be able to control everything about your home with voice control. So, you’ll be able to switch off lights, dim them or connect them to different pieces of tech in your home. If you’re creative, it’s easy to alter the style of your home using features like this, but what about energy saving? Well, since you’ll be in complete control of everything you’ll never be using more energy than you need.

We hope you love these ideas and see now that green is the only colour for your home style.

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