Opening Up Your Home: Bi-fold Doors, Patio Doors & French Doors

Recent statistics show that in the UK we spend nearly £30 billion pounds on home improvements every single year. We all want our home to be the best it can be, and the standards of what makes a home great are certainly different than they used to be.
Most homeowner these days wants their property lighter, brighter and more connected with the outside world. All trends point to that being the most beautiful, beneficial and modern way to live, which is why new homes are so much more spacious and open than they used to be.

Gone are the times when wall after wall was added in order to create more rooms in a home. Open plan is definitely on trend, and bringing in more light and connection to a property's outside area is definitely something the majority of properties need to have in order to keep up with the demands of homebuyers these days.

If you are considering installing some doors in your property to connect your garden to your home, you have a lot of choice and unfortunately, not every choice will be right for your property. It is actually very important to make the right choice because the result could have a massive effect on the overall design of the house.  

So how do you make the best decision for your property? By being informed. That is ultimately the very best way you can choose the right property for your needs, and to help you, here's a good look at each option:

Bi-fold Doors

A Bi-fold door is a folding sliding door and you will have seen a lot more of these on properties in recent years because they are so very popular these days. And for good reason, because they are basically large, stunning almost ceiling to floor sheets of glass that will completely open up your house. There are lots of different options as well, so no matter what type of property you have, you can find a set to match your needs. Large contemporary houses can have almost frameless, seamless sheets of glass that create an entire wall of light into your home and looking out at your gardens. Smaller properties can specify them moving inside or outside so they work around obstacles inside or outside the house. They certainly make integrating your outside space with inside living exceptionally easy, and create an illusion of additional space within any home.

French Doors

You can get french style bi-fold doors, but doors considered more strictly french style are slightly different. Usually they let in a little less light, but you can get them in lots of styles and materials and they work really well with a modern home. You can in some cases combine French doors with bi-folding doors or have both in different areas of the property. Commonly single sets of French doors are used in properties where the homeowners don't want an entire wall to open up, but rather want a door or two that enables access, extra light and the ability to open and close an area.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors used to be very uncool and old fashioned, but these days they are facing somewhat of a resurgence and there are many of them around making modern homes look beautiful. They bring in lots of light, like bi-fold doors and they come in lots of styles and designs. The fact that the panels slide together into a small space is a really positive aspect of their design, which is why they are featured in so many modern properties at the moment.

Although all three of these options have their benefits and are all able to be used in modern homes in different ways, bi-fold doors definitely sit ahead at the moment in terms of popularity. Both sliding and bi-fold doors are able to be made in ways that makes them almost seamless and almost entirely glass, which is ideal for the most contemporary style of home. It also means more light, which is always a good thing.
Choosing the right type of door for your home doesn't mean a sure thing though, you also need to get the design right.

Think Carefully About The Design of Your Doors

When choosing the style of door you would like, frame choice really is important. Thin frames are the best choice if you want long-lasting style. Thicker frames are more bulky, less chic and they let in less light. It is also important to opt for double or triple glazed glass and never single glazed. Since 1996 the amount of properties with double glazing has risen from 30% to nearly 80% according to recent statistics. Trends suggest that triple glazing will follow the same pattern. Energy efficiency is so important, so if you are adding glass, you must do so in a way that ensures the property remains insulated.

In all instances, regardless of style or type, you must pay special attention to the company you purchase your doors from. They should be experienced, be able to advise you on different options for your property and you should get a watertight warranty as well. Having doors like this fitted is transformative, but if you don't do your research and choose the right company to fit them, they could transform your property in a way you really did not want. Taking your time is key. Get quotes, mock up different options on your property, consider your options carefully and enjoy yourself, this is a decision that will transform your property in an amazing way if it is done right.

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