Run or Dye 2017

Run or Dye had recently moved to Penshurst Place, having missed out last year I was very excited to take part this time round. Upon arrival you are sent to park in the field nearby, and a whooping £10 per car which personally I find a little much, on top of ticket prices for the event. However you come across these things going to events all over the place. Then it was quite simple to walk round and head to the tents to 'sign in' and receive our tops, bags, wristband, tattoo and number. Really it is a sweet little kit however the tshirt is always the same would be nice to mix it up a little - or maybe not have the tshirt and get a medal at the end instead. As a runner a bit of runner bling is always an appeal.

Again though this is all normal stuff and there is plenty of space to disappear and sort yourself out before heading into the crowd. I noticed there was more 'stalls' and a few inflatables you could check out either before or after the run. Then there was the main stage which was much small then I remember being at Hever Castle, and it was clear to see that they were suffering technical issues with the mics and sound system. These things happen though I would never hold this against an event. 

It was soon time to get going anyway. We went and lined up, the team tried to get the crowd pumped and we were all raring to go. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... away we went! Within moments we were blasted with dye. AMAZING! The course itself was quite tough I felt especially for kids, uneven ground and lots of hills. As we were only walking due to a recent back injury, it was ok - and the views were just beautiful! Having never visited Penshurst Place before it was just nice to see what was around. The marshalls, dye teams were great getting the runners pumped and of course getting covered in dye was amazing. Just stand there and get hit! By the end I was head to toe covered and loving it!

There was the opportunity to do a small 3.5km, 5km or even 10km.
Plus there is professional photos taken which you can access after the event to purchase - it worth a look through some photos I hadn't even realised they had been taken.

Upon crossing the finish line, there was the chance to have a drink and then head over to the stage. Where the team were playing tunes, getting the crowd dancing and covering everyone in even more dye. We stuck around for a while to soak up the atmosphere and the sunshine. 

You can already pre-register for 2018 -
I would definitely recommend going along for a run with a difference and the chance to try a different route.
Again the views are to die for in places.
There is always an brilliant atmosphere and lovely team behind it all.

* I was offered two free entries in return for this review, but all opinions are still my own.

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