Your Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Interior Design Styles

If you’re looking to design your new home or even just a room, we’re here to inspire you with this complete guide to the most popular types of interior design styles out there. You may have heard of many of these styles before but may be unsure of how you could actually implement these yourself. Hopefully, the below information will help you get started on your interior design journey!

Most people tend to mix these styles together rather than sticking to just one. This guide will help you learn about the key elements of each style so you can find a blend that’s perfect for your home.

● Traditional
The traditional interior design has been most popular in Europe over the years. To incorporate this in your home, invest in pieces such as a glass cabinet, a wingback chair or a rustic wooden chest. The textiles used within this style are usually deep colours and the fabrics should look and feel high quality and heavy. The furniture is usually made of a dark wood.

● Shabby Chic
The shabby chic style usually comprises of vintage style items which have a worn but stylish look. Distressed wood and antique-style finishes are commonly found within this type of decor.

Furniture items that show wear and tear are paired with more luxurious fabrics and textiles, usually in pastel colours. The shabby chic aesthetic can be quite soft and feminine. Women are more receptive to shabby chic than men, so if you have a home with a strong masculine presence, this probably isn’t going to be what you’re looking for, unless you want to hear comments about why the chair or picture frame looks old and ready for the trash.

● Bohemian
Capturing a carefree spirit, the popular bohemian style includes a mix of patterns and textures with tribal and ethnic influences. The colour palette is usually quite vibrant with a lot of red and purple. Lots of textiles are layered to create and warm and inviting atmosphere that is arranged to look messy on purpose. Many of the pieces used in this style look as if they have been sourced around the globe.

● Scandinavian
This decor style has been an extremely popular style of interior design in recent years. Most people associate Scandinavian decor with IKEA, but there is so much more to explore.

Scandinavian interior design has a very understated style. It features a mix of simple and contemporary furniture pieces, a colour palette rooted in white with splashes of brighter colours, and a preference to use organic and natural materials for the production of many items.

● Minimalist
A design concept that has declined in popularity over the years. It is a modern style that focuses on function, simple furnishing and lots of space. The colour palette usually consists of neutral and muted tones. Minimalist homes usually have an issue with storage because they like everything to be tucked away neatly, and any large and bulky boxes or cupboards are likely to upset the delicate balance in a calm and serene minimalist space.

● Industrial
As is clear from the name, this style is heavily influenced by the interior of warehouses. The use of exposed steel combined with an exposed brick walls result can easily result in an industrial design aesthetic for any room. High ceilings work best for this concept.

● Modern
A design term that can encompass any styles that include clean lines and materials such as glass and steel. Modern interior design focuses on sleek and simple furnishings with more of a leaning towards the minimalist side.

● Nautical/Coastal
A warm and inviting style, this design concept captures the seaside ambience with it use of a primarily blue and white colour palette and slightly worn looking pale wooden furniture. There are always various decorative ornaments inspired by the beach and the ocean on display. This doesn’t work in all homes, however when it does work it can be spectacular.

● French Countryside
Inspired by a farmhouse in the French countryside, this design concept makes use of warm and earthy colours and wooden furniture. The textiles and linens are usually quite heavy and luxurious looking, and decorative items are ornate and often made of porcelain.

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