Top 8 Design Details That Add Serious Value To Your Property


Whether you are looking to move or wanting to stay put we all want our properties to look their best. When it comes to adding value to our properties there are many things that we can do without investing huge chunks of cash. So if you are looking for a little inspiration on how you can improve your home and add value to it, read on for our top tips on how to do just that.

Loft Conversions

Finding extra space in your loft and utilising it, is one of the best ways that you can add value to your property. Whether you need an extra bedroom or bathroom or even a home office, the empty, unused space up in in your attic is just sitting there waiting to be taken advantage of.

The best place to start with any loft conversion is to call in a specialist who will be able to survey the area. They will be able to make sure that the space is structurally sound, will be able to advise you on the best use of the space and the type of work that you will need to be taking on to transform this space into a beautiful new living space. Research online to find out more information about what a loft conversion entails and whether this is a good way for you to add value to your property.

Updating Flooring

Dated flooring can easily drag down the look and feeling of any home so if you have had the same carpets for many years and they are starting to look tatty and drab then a change of flooring could be just the facelift that your home needs. Wooden and laminate flooring is more affordable than ever and is a desirable feature for buyers as they are so easy to clean and maintain. Putting down laminate and wooden flooring is even something that you can do yourself, which will save you money by not having to hire someone to fit it in for you. Spend time going through tutorials, if you want to do it yourself however to ensure that you do a good job and don’t end up wishing you’d not been so bold and had just paid for someone to do if for you.

Renovating Bathrooms

One room in the house that has become incredibly important, over recent years, is the bathroom. So if you have a small and dated bathroom you should be considering renovating this room and seeing how you can improve and build on this space. Research bathroom renovation projects to inspire you how you can really bring this room to life, so that it is not letting your property down overall. If you are happy with the layout and size of your bathroom, then it may just be a case of changing some of the smaller details. So simply look at replacing some of the important bathroom features like taps, towel rails, doors and perhaps even putting a nice, easy to maintain, wooden floor in.


Extending your home out into your outside space is always a good idea when it comes to adding value to your property. Be mindful when considering building a conservatory to avoid it looking like a building that has just been bolted onto the end of the house. So you want to be creating a conservatory that has a natural flow from the rest of your house, but allows you to feel more connected with your outdoor space.

Change Your Floorplan

Sometimes all that is necessary in your home, to update it and bring it into the modern day, is by moving around your floor plan. Looking around your home and seeing if you are making the best use of the space available to you is a really good idea to see if you can’t move things round a little bit and start to redefine certain rooms in your house. Kitchens can look great with breakfast islands and they are pretty easy to fit in, so this could be a consideration for your kitchen. Bedrooms and living rooms can be completely transformed by simply moving existing furniture around to make the rooms look more spacious or more cosy and inviting. So play around a little and experiment with the little changes that you can make to your existing floor plans.

Door Canopies and Shelters

One design details that many people don’t think of are door canopies. As the entrance of our home is the first thing we see when we get home it is a really important part of our home to look its best. Also if you have people over to your home a lot then thinking about door canopies to keep your guests sheltered whilst they wait for you to come to the door is another bonus to this design feature. Getting a door canopy added onto your front door is surprisingly affordable and can instantly improve the facade of your building so they are well worth looking into.

Getting Rid of the Garage

This one may surprise you, but recent surveys have recently revealed that over 80% of garages are empty, unused and therefore just a waste of space. Garages these days, are being used more as dumping grounds for surplus home items which is most certainly not the best use of the space. Therefore think about getting rid of your garage and turning it into another bedroom or another living space in order to add substantial value to your property.

Give the Front Garden some TLC

Our front gardens can certainly be one of the more neglected areas of our homes, however as they are the first impressions of our homes they are super important to keep pristine and stylish. If you don’t have the time for pruning and gardening this area then consider paving it over and just having flower beds around the side for a pop of nature and colour which will really open up the entrance to your home.

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