No Storage Space? Use These Clever Home Improvements

Does your house look small and cluttered all the time? Are you short of storage, and don’t want to pay for a self-storage unit? There are some great ways of creating more space in your home on a budget, and make your house look more spacious and organized. Below you will find a few tips on how to convert unused space into storage facilities for your collectibles or memorable items.
  1. Loft Conversion and Shelving

If you have a loft, you can use it as a storage. However, you need to be careful. If your attic is not step-proof, you need to get a professional to adjust it, otherwise putting heavy boxes up the loft can make your ceiling collapse. Companies like Empire Lofts can advise you on how to convert your attic into a functional storage room, and how to install shelves and other storage units to organise your items. If you don’t need an extra room, you can still use the loft as a functional storage unit.
  1. Basement Conversion

If you have a basement, and would like to store your old furniture, collectible items, and clothes there, you will first need to talk to a professional about damp-proofing it. In many cases, basements are not suitable for storing valuables, as they are prone to getting flooded and developing mold. Talk to a property maintenance expert to find out how you can keep the air fresh and moist-proof in your basement, before you start converting it into a storage room.
  1. Storage Under the Stairs

You can build a wardrobe under the stairs yourself, or ask a local carpenter to do the job. Install shelves or even built in furniture under the stairs to organise your items better, and find everything you are looking for faster. Alternatively, you can transform your stairs into small boxes where you hide smaller items.
  1. Back Porch

If you have limited storage in the house for shoes and coats, you might want to get a back porch where you can use gardening items, as well as outdoor clothing. While your front porch will be good for everyday items, the back one can be used for the stuff you only need once or twice a year. If you are a keen angler, you can store your equipment safely there, instead of your living room or the bedroom.
  1. Built In Wardrobes

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To have more storage for your clothes and winter items, you can get custom made built in wardrobes. If your home looks like it needs a bit of TLC, you can transform your tired looking bedroom into an executive suite by using high gloss doors combined with windows. If you have a chimney stack, use the space available next to it to get a custom wardrobe built that gives you more space and makes your house look less cluttered.

Getting more out of the space you live in starts with getting rid of the clutter and opening up space. Create storage in the loft, basement, and even under the stairs and steps.

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