Top Tips for staying safe on a night out

It is Christmas season which means time for Christmas parties galore! 

We all love those evenings/nights out that makes us go home completely exhausted as you've had such a good time and laughed your socks off. Though in all honesty we know how important it is too stay safe, even silly things like the fact it gets dark so early in the winter puts people at risk. 

So here are 3 top tips to staying safe on your nights out:

Plan ahead

Yes of course you often spend ages planning your outfit, but I'm talking more look after yourself during the day before - eat a decent meal, drink lots of water - especially if alcohol is going to be involved later on. Make sure your phone is fully charge and you have cash, keys and anything you desperately need to hand.

Keep an eye on your drink

This is quite an obvious tip, however people still don't do it and put themselves at risk. 
Don’t let your drink out of your sight, especially if you’re around new people, and if you do set it down and forget about it for a while, buy a fresh one - if something doesn't seem right get rid of it.

Avoid unfamiliar territory

This is not always an easy one to follow, but if you can stick to areas you know. It makes it easier to meet back up with friends, you'll feel more comfortable being able to recognise your surroundings. 

In all seriousness though not all night outs end well. If you are a victim of a violent crime you maybe able to claim compensation with the help of CICA UK. Never be afraid to speak up and get the support you need. 

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