20 things to do in Paris

One of the best things about Paris is the sheer number of things there are to see and do—and, of course, eat! Considering it is just over the channel I am disappointed to say I have never been myself, but who knows maybe one day. If like me you like to be prepared then there are hundreds of posts out there - it's easy to get lost in a land of 'do this and try that'. So once you have book your travel and decided on the perfect vacation rental in Paris - start making that list of things to do so you don't waste a single moment in the land of lights. 

Photo by Willian West on Unsplash
We have decided to collate some of the things found, from entertainment, place to eat and shops to visit:

Places to visit

1. The Eiffel Tower
Let’s face it this is the iconic Parisian landmark. Beautiful during the day or night.

2. Palais Garnier
Take a visit to this opulent opera house to view the grand staircase and auditorium bedecked in marble and gold leaf. Be sure to look up at the ceiling and spectacular chandelier.

3. Canal St. Martin
Take a leisurely boat ride or just enjoy the walkway. On a sunny day you’ll have plenty of locals to keep you company.

4. Notre Dame
This historic cathedral dating back to 1163 - it’s also considered to be one of the best examples of French gothic architecture.

5. The Louvre Museum 
Free every first Sunday of the month between October and March. The lesser crowded “Porte des Lions” entrance will enable you a quicker access to the Mona Lisa, the Venus the Milo and the Winged Victory.


1. See a Cabaret
There are multiple cabaret experiences to be had in Paris, most notably the Lido, the Crazy Horse and the Moulin Rouge.

2. Catch a Film at Le Louxor Cinema
This historic cinema dates back to 1921, but it was only recently refurbished and re-opened to the public in late 2013. Le Louxor hosts a range of films, with early premiers, cinema workshops, children’s seances, concerts and local cine-club.

3. Enjoy live music at ‘Showcase’
Head on down to Showcase before midnight and you’ll be treated to free admission. Why should you check out this spot? Well, it hosts a fantastic array of live acts playing everything from rock to jazz, along with some of the world’s top DJs.

4. Look for Free Events
Paris certainly isn’t one of the cheapest cities in the world. Luckily, there are always a variety of free events going on, especially during the summer months. Entertainment ranges from concerts to photo exhibits to festivals.

5. Go on a free walking tour
Over 4 million people have enjoyed one of the Sandeman’s New Europe free walking tours of Paris since 2004. Take this tour and you’ll find yourself walking along the banks of the Seine, strolling through the popular Latin Quarter (pictured here), standing in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower and more. 

Where to Shop

1. Vintage Shopping in the Marais
There are loads of great one-of-a-kind, vintage shops in the Marais and Montmartre area.

2. Rue de Rivoli
Rue de Rivoli is one of the longest streets in Paris. It starts near Saint Paul, runs along the Tuileries Gardens and the Louvre, and goes all the way to the Hotel de Ville. There are too many shops here to count, with everything from cheesy souvenirs to bohemian boutiques to high-end designer shops.

3. Bercy Village
This restored warehouse village doesn’t have the best shopping in Paris, but it is a cute outdoor strip mall and off the beaten path location to do some window shopping.

4. Covered shopping arcades
Several of Paris’ charming 19th-century shopping arcades (“passages”) are still open and lined with cute shops and galleries. These glass-covered passages, located at Passage des Panoramas near the Musée Grévin and the Passage du Grand Cerf near rue Montorgueil.

5. Produce markets
Heading to an outdoor food or shopping market, like the Bastille market on Thursday and Sunday, is a great way to see how many of the locals go grocery shopping.

Food for thought

1. Le Jules Verne
Lets get the most obvious out there straight away with Le Jules Verne, which sits happily within the Eiffel Tower itself. This classically French restaurant serves an envisioning menu that is produced from some of the best French ingredients. 

2. Georges
Sit on their tranquil open terrace and soak up a full view of the Eiffel tower at sunset. Situated on top of the National Museum of Modern Art, Georges provides the opportune place to enjoy a vista of Paris. 

3.  Kong
The impressive glass curved windows at Kong provide once of the most spectacular restaurants in the city. 

4. Les Ombres
The rooftop of Les Ombres is directly in front of the Eiffel Tower. You’ll be hard pressed to say which is better: the amazing food you’re eating, or the majestic Eiffel Tower.

5. Paris Picnic 
Technically not a restaurant but a fine way to dine nonetheless. This is one of my favourite concepts and something that I hope comes to London very soon! Paris Picnic allows you to order a bespoke picnic online, at a certain time and to be dropped off to you at a particular Parisian location.

Is there anywhere that jumps to mind when you think about visiting Paris?

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