How to have the perfect cosy night in

With Winter seeming to stick around longer than we all want, I mean how many times have we been threatened with snow - guess what!? still waiting! but even with the winter nights still looming I am very much one for refusing to leave the house. So how can we make the most of those chilly nights in...
1. Binge Watching
I love a good box set (personal favourite Supergirl / The Flash / Call the Midwife / The Crown to name a few) with so many online services there is no end of what you can get lost in. All I need is my phone, chrome-cast and TV and i'm ready to go. However I would love a upgrade, maybe a 4KTV Panasonic
2. Eat Up
If I'm in one of those moods, or I'm spending time with friends it's safe to say a takeaway is the first port of call. With some extra snackage as well, feel like you are at the movies with popcorn and drinks or a cheeky pudding after your takeaway. 
3. Set the Mood
The whole idea of cosy night in is to relax really, isn't it? Why not dim the lights, maybe try some fairy lights or candles. With candles why not try scented ones to fill the air with your favourite smells or try using a scentsy warmer with plenty of amazing smells available. I have some for my cosy nights in and some to freshen up the place.
4. Pamper Yourself
This is a no brainer for a cosy night in especially if you are alone. Treat yourself, hot bubble bath, face masks, nails and don't forget the fresh pjs and bedding. This will definitely put you in an amazing mood, and great to do before chilling in bed to a binge watching session. 
5. Read Up
If you are not a TV watcher (although I'm debating if we can be friends if you are not) why not spend some time getting into that new book you have brought and been left on the side for weeks, or if you are more on my level then grab a few magazines and enjoy!

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