Starting A Nomadic Lifestyle

Travelling is something we all love to do: we get to explore new and exciting locations, we get to meet interesting people and share in their stories, and we get to lounge by a pool for as long as we want. Travelling is the time of opportunities, but what if you aren’t getting enough of it? We all need to get away sometimes, but sometimes we decide it’s all we want to do! Don’t feel bad if you’re considering a huge change in your life because nothing else is quite matching up. Here’s some starting tips on how to get your nomadic dream lifestyle off to a flying start.

Consider Your Sleeping Options

You’re going to need to save money wherever you can when you’re on the road 24/7, and that means being versatile when it comes to needing to bunk down night by night. Of course if you have a car or a van to your name, you always have the backseat to sleep on when you need to. But usually that isn’t the best of sleeping arrangements…

So make sure you pick up a tent on your way out of the country, if you’re planning more than a few hours on the road. When you have a tent, you can easily set up wherever you need to, as long as you’re aware of the camping laws around you! You can even open up your tent out of the back of your car and make your own camper van, although this can get a bit tricky and messy when it’s been raining.

Make Money Off of Your House

A travelling lifestyle is going to need to be supported. Unless you work a job which can be done from wherever you are in the world, you’re going to need to come up with some more creative ways of supporting yourself. And one great way to kickstart your new life is by making money off of your home base, and there’s some good ways to do this.

On one hand, you could decide to sell up completely and move on. Hire some Chartered Surveyors to truly see the value of your property before you put it on the market; you want to get every penny you can out of it after all. Of course it sounds a bit extreme, but sometimes it’s the best thing when you know you’re not going to be returning home anytime in the near future! Otherwise, if you’re planning to rent your place out whilst you’re gone, make sure you know the true valuation of your structure. This means you can get better rent pay from any tenants; don’t undersell yourself and take the proper preparatory steps.

A nomadic lifestyle takes time and effort, despite its name, and there’s so many healthy living considerations to think through! However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the effort if settling down just isn’t for you. Travelling opens us up to new experiences, so try out this one.

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