4 Things You’re Not Cleaning Enough

When it comes to cleaning most of us develop some kind of routine. You might do certain rooms on the same days of the week, or you might do the whole house in one go. If you’ve got kids, you might find yourself running the vacuum around after dinner to pick up any crumbs they’ve dropped. You might even have a checklist of house cleaning jobs that need to be done. Within this routine, there are often exceptions. Some weeks things might need more attention, or you might notice something that’s not looking its best. But, for the most part, our chores stay the same. There are some things in our homes that most of us are neglecting. Things that you’re probably not cleaning as often as you should be. Let’s take a look at some of them.


If you’ve got two sets of curtains, perhaps summer and winter options, you might take them down and clean them when you swap them over. But that’s it and if you have the same pair all year around, have you ever cleaned them? The thing with curtains is they never look dirty. You see them every day, and you get used to them. You don’t notice the subtle changes over time as they pick up dirt and dust. Until you wash them, and they come back a completely different colour. One great option here is replacing them with made to measure aluminium Venetian blinds which are much easier to clean. If you prefer curtains, check the washing instructions as they may require deep cleaning or clean them with a steam cleaner.


We don’t wash our duvets because it’s hard. A double duvet won’t fit into a standard washing machine. It needs to be taken to a dry cleaner and bundling it up for the trip isn’t easy. But, your duvet gets filled with dust, dirt and dead skin cells. If you don’t wash it, it can start to affect your health, especially if you have asthma or allergies. Your duvet should be washed at least twice a year to keep it clean and fresh.


Sponges and cleaning cloths have been found to contain 362 different species of bacteria, and one test revealed a sponge contained 45 billion bacteria cells for every square centimetre. They are germ houses. They’re often damp; they live on our kitchen worktops and bacteria breeds and spreads. We use them to clean, but if we don’t clean them, they just wipe germs everywhere they touch.

It would be easier to use disposable sponges and throw them away every week, but that’s not great for the environment. Instead, throw microfibre cleaning clothes in your washing machine, and put sponges in the dishwasher, or give them a few seconds in the microwave. The heat will kill the germs. Then, try to keep them dry on the side instead of leaving them damp.


Towels are another thing that we use to keep clean. But, we leave our bath and tea towels damp on the side, and we rarely change them. To keep them clean them after 3-4 uses and make sure you hang them to dry properly instead of throwing them on to the floor.

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