How to make sure your kitchen is clutter free

A neat and tidy kitchen means you’ve got the perfect starting base for when you’re cooking or living in the space. It means you can start the cooking process with a clear mind and will definitely leave you feeling calmer when you happen across the space.

Keeping your kitchen clutter free takes a little bit of effort and time dedicated, but it’s definitely worth it for the result you get.

These are our tips for ensuring that your kitchen is clutter free, most, if not all, of the time.

Store away tools 

If you struggle for space this can be a problem, but if you can, try and pack away the toaster, blender or food processor that you only use a couple of times a week. These can take up big amounts of space on the kitchen counter and if you have the storage space for it you can create a clearer countertop.

Not only will the counter be a little clearer, but it’s one less thing to have to clean and dust regularly too.

Counter tops clear

Again this comes down to how much space you have in your kitchen, but rather than keeping things like spices, utensils, knives or chopping boards out on the side, keep them stored away until you need them.

It’s just more things that can gather dust, become speckled with the food you’re cooking, or just general grime that lingers in these rooms. Not only are these more things to clean, but they’re things that don’t really need to be out.

Embrace the messy drawer

Let’s be honest, most homes have them, they’re necessary for the small bits and bobs that can gather, whether it’s letters, batteries, invitations etc. The messy drawer is a space that will keep you sane and your kitchen a whole lot clearer. Just make sure you don’t hide away something important that you’re going to forget about.

One in one out

When you’re trying to keep your kitchen clutter free, the best thing you can do for it is to follow the one in and one out rule. So if you’re bringing something new in there, than bin something old that you’re no longer using. This way you’ll find you won’t accumulate loads of different things over time.

Add a new design feature

When you redecorate a room you’ll go to a lot of effort ensuring it looks its best, simply because it’s all new and clean. Whilst redecorating the kitchen can be a costly project, just adding in a new design feature will give your kitchen a new lease of life and encourage you to keep it clutter free.

Why not try painting your kitchen cabinets, changing the handles on your doors, adding in some plinth lights, or try some under cabinet lights as well. These small changes can make a big difference and will ensure that you’ll give the space a good clearout.

Clean whilst you cook

Whilst you have things simmering or stewing in the oven, make sure you take five minutes to clean things up. Make a pile of things that don’t belong in that room and if you have the time but them in their rightful places. 

It can also be helpful to tackle one chore a day in the kitchen, whether that’s cleaning the oven, giving the cupboards a quick clearout or wiping on top of the kitchen cabinets. If you get one chore a day done in there, it won’t all build up and you’ll find yourself having to spend hours cleaning it all in one go.

Keep your fridge clear

An easy way to ensure your kitchen looks clean and clear is by keeping your fridge clutter free, it can be easy to attach letters and reminders etc that you don’t want to forget about, but keeping it free of clutter will instantly make the whole room look a lot tidier.

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