Spring Travelling: Safety Comes First

The car is the most common form of transport in the UK and with more people having staycations and travelling further for work trips – why not have that freedom of starting and stopping whenever you want in a car, rather than being stuck on say a train. However in order to get from A to B it is important that your car is in tip top condition before heading off.

Here’s a little check-list to ensure you're prepared for that long journey ahead;

Safety First
General health of the car is vital, check out these 3 things – 
engine oil, Without oil your engine will overheat, and can be very dangerous. Wait until the engine is cold and check the dipstick. Fan Belt, check for cracks in the rubber or excessive play. Coolant, most radiators have bottles with min/max water levels, which are easy to find and stick to, top up with a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze. It's key that with these things your car should be up to date with it's service, you can get a timely checkup or book car servicing from Ossett Tyre House in Wakefield.

Plan ahead. Although most people now a days have satnavs – make sure you have a back up option. It is very helpful to have a map in the glove-box, but before you even leave check out routes online and make sure you put in plenty of rest stops so you don't get tired driving.

Sometimes we neglect our tyres, and don't think about them til it's too late. It's important the minimum tread depth should be 1.6mm – you can even pick up a fine if a tyre is in poor condition – not great ahead of a long journey. If you are unsure then get a professional to take a look, to find the right size and get booked in for a fitting
. Don't forget about the spare! As well as carrying a jack and other equipment to use in case of a puncture.

Emergency kit
It's always a good idea to have a emergency kit in the car. You can get them from 
The AA shop. Although if you are travelling for a long time then you will probably bring a lot of things just for that, but in general in the boot of the car it's a good idea to have some water, maybe snacks, first aid kit and blankets – for those just in case moments.

Safe to say if you can tick all these off then you are good to go.

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