3 Reasons Uni is Still a Great Option

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Though the academic landscape has changed a lot in the last few years, university is still a great idea for lots of young people. Yes, the fees have gone up and the change in the A-levels has affected a lot of students, but this is still a brilliant opportunity for you to leave the nest and start exploring adulthood in a safe environment.

Having a degree or some form of higher education is always going to look great on your CV, but let’s leave that argument aside for a moment. We all know that the main point of going to uni is the degree you get at the end. But this is probably not why you might be doubting if this is the right decision for you.

Here are the reasons that university is really going to benefit you - no matter where you go or what you study or how academic you think you are. And it’s not all about the long student summer, either.

Live Away From Home

One of the best things about university is also one of the most terrifying. Moving out of your parent’s house and into a new flat, shared with complete strangers in an unfamiliar town is pretty much the most nerve-wracking thing you can do to yourself.


Things might not be as scary as you think. Student apartments have vastly improved even in the last couple of years. In fact, since the fees have gone up, there is more focus on the student experience as a whole which is benefiting everyone. Visit Manchester Apartments to see how incredible these pads really are!

Living away from home is also the best chance you will have to discover who you are. Being amongst strangers gives you the chance to blossom and test your character. Here you have the chance to be a nicer, friendlier and more fun version of yourself without the pressure of keeping the friends you make in the first week (which almost nobody does!).

The other great advantage here is that you are forced to learn a wide variety of life skills while you are away. You will learn to cook for yourself, how to manage your finances and where the best pub selling the cheapest pint is. This is a huge opportunity for you to grow up slowly and in your own time. No one will judge you for eating pasta every day for a week here.

Meet Lots of New People

When you are at home, it is likely that you are still mates with the kids you went to school with. This is a great foundation to have and a strong friendship group is brilliant, but if you want to expand your network and meet more people, uni is the best place for it.

Whether you are on a night out, joining societies or just getting to know friends of friends (of friends of friends), there are so many people here and they are pretty much all going to be around your age. This is the only time this will happen so make the most of this awesome social opportunity.

Meeting new people is the perfect confidence booster and will help you to feel settled in your new town as well. Where some people are instant friend-makers, others take a little more time so don’t worry if you don’t have a set of best friends immediately. Take your time, meet lots of people and put yourself out there as friend material.

Discover New Passions and Hobbies

Finally, uni is the best place for you to discover new passions and hobbies. This can be pretty much anything and most universities have a wide range of societies on offer as well as opportunities to set up your own to meet like-minded people. There will always be the standard sporty ones like football and music societies too, but there are also more adventurous ones like Quidditch, knitting, Where’s Wally and circus skills.

The best thing for new students to do is go to taster sessions throughout freshers week to try new things and then sign up for as much stuff as you think you can fit into your week. Though you might naturally gravitate to the hobbies you had at home, remember that trying something new could be just as good. If you don’t like it, then hey, don’t go again. Simple.

Given their time again, most students would probably want to go back to uni - not for the study or the exams, but for the lifestyle, the friends and all the antics they got up to. Your uni days are probably going to be some of the best of your life.

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