Off Roading at Port Lympne

A while back Port Lympne (yes one of my many favourite places) offered a new Antelope and Deer safari, a chance for a more personal tour, off roading and learning more about the different species at the park. Like normal as soon as it was advertised there was a quick back and forth with my friend and it was booked!

On the day we spent the morning at the zoo, taking a trip on the normal safari trucks and wandering around before having lunch and heading back to the guest services to check in. We sat.... we waited. 
Chris the ranger came over and said we were the only 2 booked on - RESULT! 
(Yes we were like excited school children. I have no shame)

We had free roam of the truck, we set off through the park getting a chance to stop a little longer than normal to get some fab pictures. We were in our element. Heading into the Asian experience we went off the track and parked up while Chris jumped out to put out some food - before we knew it we were surrounded, it was surreal. Eventually we got a chance to move and headed into the African experience, again going off the track and up the bumpy hill. We came to a stop where we were inches away from zebra and wildebeest and looking across the amazing views of Kent. You really do forget you are minutes away from home when up on the hill. 

It was such an amazing time, and we learnt so much!
A massive Thank You to our ranger Chris.

I can't wait to see what we try here next time. 

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