5 Top Tips for getting the car ready for Winter

Keep up to date with MOT and Service
If you want to have real confidence in your car this winter, make sure it is in tip top shape. If your vehicle is in good running order then you can feel more confident about the journeys you do have to make. Ask your garage to check and replace the anti-freeze in your radiator too, giving you extra protection from a weather-related breakdown. Why not book a reliable MOT for your car in Dundee with Fife Autocentre.

Check exterior lights
It sounds simple, and it is. The days are shorter and the weather is worse during the winter months, so maintenance of your exterior lights an important aspect of any winter car checklist. Check and clean your lights regularly. The salt and dirt can quickly build-up, reducing the effectiveness of the lights and reducing your visibility to other road users. It's best to keep your lights on in all sorts of weather, as it helps you to be seen. 

Pack warm things
If you’re hopping in and out the car, you may not bother taking a coat. But if you do break down, the safest place to be is outside the car and away from the road – meaning you might get a little chilly! Always make sure there is a warm jacket in the car, I often make sure there is a blanket, food and drink about too - Just in case!
Check screen wash
Winter weather is frequently wet, and this draws all the dirt and road salt from the road surface, so you’ll spend lots of time using your windscreen wipers. Assuming your wipers are in good shape, there’s still a high risk of them smearing grime across the windscreen if your screen wash bottle is empty. 
Check the condition of your tyres
As a car’s tyres are key to both steering and braking, it is essential they are in good condition. Many sites will say ‘We recommend a minimum of 3mm depth during the winter, compared to the legal minimum of 1.6mm, as this gives better grip.’ It is possible to get winter tyres and snow chains however this might not be so necessary in UK climate.

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