Covent Garden at Christmas

There is no denying I am a massive fan of London, I think it's a fascinating place to go - because there is a bit of something for everyone. One place I have often passed but not really looked around is Covent Garden, and in the Christmas season I was taking full advantage - the lights, the sounds, the shopping! If I had really thought about it I would of tried to make a whole weekend of it and found hotels near Covent Garden.

London is iconic for it's Christmas decorations, I could spend a whole day going round just finding those! In Covent Garden there is their traditional 55ft Christmas Tree - apparently covered in 30,000 lights - WOW! and all the surrounding streets are decorated with lights too. Now not being one to pass on a chance to get the camera out, Covent Garden has also homed a vintage Morris Minor in the Piazza which has been decorated with lights, wreaths and presents. 

Now wanting to explore the area, I did a little research before my travels - and heard about a lovely little cake shop, full of fresh hand baked treats. Sweetheart cakes looked stunning - and as soon as I walked in my mouth was watering. I stocked up on some Winter treats before heading off out into the cold again.

Admiring the Christmas feel to the market at Covent Garden, I went off on a search - I had heard about The Astrology Shop, now I am a bit guilty of being intrigued by all that sort of stuff to do with the stars and crystal etc. but I am not going to lie I don't understand it. After examining the store, I decided to pick up some crystals and take a nosy at the in-store computer system that can calculate and print personalized astrological birth charts while you wait. Then I darted over the road to one of my favourite stores Forbidden Planet, because I am a utter nerd and stock up on some Christmas presents for friends.

Me and food go hand in hand most of the time, so there was no way I wasn't going to grab some lunch, again I wanted to try somewhere I hadn't been before but because I am such a fussy eater it needed to still be basic. So I came across Maxwell's Bar & Grill, an American Diner and known for their Freakshakes and can I just add I am gutted I can't drink them, they look amazing - especially the unicorn one. I would definitely recommend a visit.

I have never truly realised how much there is in Covent Garden area, you could easily spend a whole day or two here alone without going further afield. This season especially there is a lot going on with Christmas at Covent Garden, whether you are travelling with friends or with the family.

The spending money was gifted by, but all views are my own.

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