How To Save On Your Stag Do

Stag do is one of the most fun pre-wedding events and rightly so because it’s the celebration of the last lap of bachelorhood of the groom-to-be. A stag do should be nothing short of perfection, but this once in a lifetime event can be quite heavy on the pocket.      

A stag do is hosted and organised by the best man with the help of other members of the groom team. Taking the entire responsibility of the stag do budget, can be quite expensive for one person. So here are some tips on how to save on a stag do.

1. Pitch In
Instead of burdening yourself with the entire expense of the stag do, be honest with all the stags and ask them to pitch in their share for the stag do. No stag would say no to pitching in their share and it would take the burden off of your shoulders. Fix an affordable budget that will not be too expensive for anyone to pitch in.

2. Cut Down on the luxury
Try and cut down on the luxuries that are costing a lot and making the stag do budget very high. Try and replace the luxurious ideas for stag do with simple, more affordable ideas. The aim of a stag do is to get the groom together with his close friends for a night of fun and games. So you don’t need to spend too much on the stag do activities, drinks, food etc. Cut down on these and instead of the expensive options, choose cheaper alternatives.

3. Alternatives to Hotels
Instead of booking a hotel, try and get a good deal on an entire cottage or apartment which will solve the purpose of accommodation for you and also cost you must less than bulk hotel room bookings. An entire cottage or apartment might also be a more fun choice because all the stags will get a chance to live together and it’ll be much easier to coordinate with them as well.

4. Stag do at home
While stag party destinations are the ongoing trends and the popular choice when it comes to throwing a stag do, but if you’re on a budget then a stag do at home can be equally fun and interesting. Get the groom’s friends together, plan some stag night games and activities, get drinks, food and you’re all set to throw your groom friend a great stag do.

5. Cheap Stag do destinations
If you still want to throw a destination stag do for your groom friend, then opt for one of the cheap stag do destinations of Europe like Bratislava, Krakow, Prague, Budapest, Dublin, Berlin etc. Stag dos here are going to be much cheaper than other destinations. So get your gang together, fix a budget, pitch in and fly down to one of these cheap destinations for a fun stag do.

6. Hag Do
Probably the last resort and one that you’ll need the permission of the bride and groom for, a hag do is the combination of both a hen and a stag do. This means a common celebration of the stag and hen do together. This will be equally fun, though you may not be able to plan all the kinds of stag do activities you had in mind, but it will definitely be a unique one.

With so many wedding expenses already piling up, a stag do can really burn a hole in your pocket. So make sure that you don’t end up splurging so much that you’re left with nothing to rent a tux for the wedding day. Stick to a budget and take help of the groomsmen to plan an affordable yet rocking stag do for the man of the hour.

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