Port Lympne - Tapir Safari

So during the latest stay at Port Lympne, we decided to book an extra treat for the evening of our arrival - we have often chosen a little treat be it an experience or night safari and it has never failed to be an amazing time. 
Just gives so many extra memories and chances for more photos!

This time I was told about a Tapir safari, which sounded fun so I thought why not. We checked in at the guest services and waited for our guide - who turned out to be someone we have become quite familiar with (poor Chris having to put up with us again!) Turns out it was only Megs and me on the safari, which is always good fun, and we jumped on the little truck and was ready to go on an adventure. 

Chris drove us down towards the Tapir enclosure, having a chat about our plans for the stay and what we were going to see on the evening - it was really dark but good fun listening to all the noises. Stopping outside the enclosure, we got to hear the Tapirs talking, that was awesome in itself. Then we got to go behind the scenes and see their indoor homes - listening to how it all works and finding out fun facts about the Tapirs was really interesting.

We then got a chance to feed and touch a couple of the Tapirs, which was unforgettable - It made our evening! like always a 5* experience and I will always recommend checking out the experiences you can look into booking.

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