Saving Money in 2019

So I have been very guilty in the past living pay check to pay check, not really paying attention to how much I am actually spending and it sucks when you realise you don't have as much money as you thought. So I decided for 2019 I want to work my money a little differently - especially as this year (self centered I know) I wish to finish my tattoo sleeve - I already saved some left over Christmas money but it's gonna take a few months to complete. 

So the first thing I did beginning of 2019 is go through my subscriptions and online payments and either a) changed the dates so that they came out straight after payday so I knew they were paid or b) cancelled them if I no longer needed them, cutting down tv packages and getting rid of music programs has already saved me a bit. 

Now that I had more control over keeping track of payments going out, it was time to budget better on presents - the first half of the year I am quite lucky I only have 7 birthdays until July. So I decided to make a note of everyone - and have a rough budget. I noticed quite a lot of shops were still having post Christmas sales and the local toy shop in particular had a set of toys at an amazing price for my cousin so I stocked up and got a few bits to put away for Christmas too for various people. So now all 7 birthdays are sorted and I paid next to nothing thanks to sales! Which may seem odd spending lots in one month but it does mean other months I wont have to spend anything on gifts! 

This one is linked to gifts but more so Christmas, after seeing this idea on facebook and unfortunately I don't know the original source but the idea is that on each payday you go and purchase an amazon giftcard of your amount choice (I am aiming for £15) and put it aside, come November/December you load them all up and then you have money to spend on gifts - that be around £150+ by the end of the year. PERFECT! No more wasting December pay and struggling through January.

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