Staying at Port Lympne Wolf Lodge

Anyone that knows me and this blog will know that I am a MASSIVE fan of Port Lympne Reserve, and over the years we have stayed at Pinewood and Bear Lodge (twice) - every stay has been unique and amazing and I don't want to stop going back. (unfortunately my bank account might not always agree)

The latest adventure was to Wolf Lodge back in November 2018, one of the original gatehouses transformed into a luxury holiday home. There are two bedrooms, both with bathrooms with amazing roll-top baths, a gorgeous living room, and there’s also a private cinema snug with comfy seating you can just sink into.  You’ll also find a mini bar, stocked with locally produced treats and a kitchenette nook, equipped with nespresso machine and specialty teas. All the amazing little details of this place are remarkable - trust me as soon as I walked in I was like 'OH MY GOODNESS' I couldn't stop walking round admiring it, I wanted to move in right that moment.

Outside is a lovely little garden space with a fire pit, seating and stairs that head up the hill to look over the wolf enclosure, which I believe has now been extended. The views are just lovely whether you are upstairs in the cottage or outside, especially with the autumn colours.
Now what the most amazing thing is, which attracted us to choose this particular stay is the big glass window in the garden which looks into... yep you guessed it the wolves.

When we first arrived they weren't really interested and I was a bit worried that we wouldn't see the wolves like it is shown on the website, but they proved us wrong. The following morning waking up the noises of the animals from across the reserve, a noise I wish I could bottle up. Looking down the wolves had appeared near the window, we darted out in our pjs, not a care in the world and sat by the window... it was amazing. They were in touching distance. 

This particular stay also includes a golf buggy which we couldn't wait to try out, we used it to get down to dinner at night and to explore during the night after hours which although its dark, it's a pretty awesome feeling. The night we arrived we had also booked a tapir experience, which I will write about in it's own post and link here. Also having access to the golf buggy during the day was very handy as due to my back I have found I have started to struggle with some of the hills, which means I could have a really enjoyable day and not feel so rough by the end. Like always the safari truck brings great joy as I get to see my favourite animals the giraffes! 

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