5 signs you might work with children

World of child knowledge

So you might not be able to speak several languages or be able to .... , but you will definitely be able to list of children's tv characters like a pro! Bob the Builder will fix it, and if you are in trouble Paw Patrol will be on the way!

Your bed is your best friend

Working with kids means that you are constantly running around, It is a constant flow of energy, say goodbye to nights out because bed time is where it's at!

You are the best hypocrite 

"Vegetables are delicious, especially Brussels sprouts - they will make you big and strong!" while you know full well you would never eat one in your life, but what they don't know won't hurt surely!

Body fluids - no problem!

Urine? Meh. 
Poop? oh well.
Snot half way up your arm? no biggie. 
It's just another Monday at work. 

Major Hoarder 

More often than not every week the recycling is gone through to see what can be used at work, what can these bottle lids be used for? could I turn this yogurt pot into an animal? 
Even more awkward when you do it when out and about! but we all know someone guilty of this.

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