Why Time Is The Most Important Investment To Make

Time is by far the most precious resource any of us have. This is because we all have a limited amount of it, and cannot manufacture more no matter how we try. Of course, the closest we can come is living healthily and taking care of ourselves to ensure that our time isn’t cut shorter than it might have been. But when you spend time with someone, you are quite literally spending a portion of your life with them. That’s why more than gifts, more than kind words, presence will always be the most important thing you could give.

But investing in your time, or investing your time itself can prove to be a somewhat confusing proposition. How are you supposed to do this in the best manner possible, and could we think up methods to ensure that even with our busy schedules, our time is respected and transitioned to the people who might appreciate it more than anyone? How can we honor our time in the most effective and loving manner possible?

We think we have some ideas:

One Third Of Your Life

While we do spend plenty of time at work for most of the week, we spend a huge portion of our lives (around one third if we’re lucky) in bed and sleeping. This means that any article helping you make the most of your time that chooses to neglect this fact is simply not complete. It’s important to consider your sleep quality. Don’t treat your bedtime as time you simply spend without the need for conscious input. It’s important to treat yourself to a good sleep. When it’s bed time, you need to not only look forward to sleeping, but prepare yourself for the next day. This means it’s important to consider your pre-bedtime ritual such as avoiding screens with blue light, and reading a little. Consider your bed and how comfortable it is, the condition of its mattress or frame, and how much sunlight you’re letting in each day. Start a sleep diary, a few jotted notes to figure out what works best for you. The best thing about tailoring your sleep well is that the rest of your day will also benefit as a result.

‘Just Because’

Thanks to the very busy nature of our lives, we often consider that tasks aren’t worth it unless we have a sense of purpose to them. Sometimes, simply spending time with someone ‘just because’ you enjoy their presence is enough. It shows them that they needn’t overly impress you for your to share your love and life with them. For example, your elderly grandparents deeply know that time is the best thing they have, which is why they feel absolutely nourished by your presence, and you will come to understand how important it is to them. A little ‘just because’ can go a long way here.


Learn to meditate. It will help you find more comfort and love in the present moment. People often think that meditation takes up too much of their time, especially if they need to practice this for thirty minutes a day. But in reality it gives you time, because it helps you notice the present moment more. Be sure to learn to meditate, through a helpful technique such as Vipassanna. It can go a long way.

With these tips, your time is sure to be invested properly.

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