5 Ways To Get Your Home Sorted Before Baby Comes

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There's no doubt that
starting a family is one of the most seismic changes you can make. Suddenly, all your priorities completely change, and that includes your home environment. Whether you feel the urge to start nesting or just realise that you need to make some family-friendly changes to your home ahead of your new arrival, here's where to get started…

Cut The Clutter

It's not just a new baby arriving - it's all the equipment, toys and clothes that they bring with them. If storage wasn't an issue before, then it's about to become one! All those stuffed toys are adorable, but they have the potential to completely take over your space. Get ahead of the game by having a pre-baby clutter busting session of things around the house you no longer need there. Either donate to your local charity shop or for great quality things you could try selling on eBay - you may even get some extra cash for baby. If you don't want to part with sentimental items or collections, then a local storage site can be a great idea, especially if you are in flux or planning to move to a larger home when your little one arrives.

Get Ready For Visitors

A new baby usually brings lots of people to your door, keen to meet the new arrival, and sometimes, family members will stay overnight. As preparing for guests will be the least of your worries once you've had the baby, put a little time into prepping for them now. Gather spare bed sheets, pillows, clean towels, toothpaste, toilet paper and all the other house guest necessities, and get them ready to go, so people can stay without the fuss.

Zap Those Germs

Our homes contain germ hotpots, which are more of an issue when you have a newborn and their vulnerable immune system in the house. You will also be more susceptible to bugs and infection after giving birth, so target areas such as light switches, door handles, taps, countertops and toothbrush holders with a good quality disinfectant spray. Stock up on antibacterial hand gel and wipes so you can quickly swap down a surface, or ask visitors to use the gel on their hands before having cuddles with your little one. Even simple illnesses can be a big deal to a very small baby, so why take the risk?

Get Ahead Of The Laundry

Once your baby arrives there will be a near constant stream of laundry to deal with, so try to get ahead of the game. Baby clothes new from the shop are covered in chemical fabric finishers, so make sure you wash them all in a non-biological detergent before baby wears them, and cut out any tags or labels which may irritate newborn skin. Stock up your laundry cupboard with fabric stain removers that can tackle such food, poop and more, because babies are nothing if not messy. 

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