5 Trips That Will Shape Who You Are

When you’re a travel lover, there are a few different trips throughout your life that really define who you are. And after all, that cliche of ‘finding yourself’ whilst you’re out there seeing the world may be cringeworthy, but it’s also pretty true. However, there are some landmarks in your travels that will really stand out, and they will dictate how you see the rest of your life.

We’ve noted down the 5 main trips that will shape you here, for those just beginning their traveling (and for those wanting to look back on their traveling memories).

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#1: The first time solo
The main trip that will shape any travel lover is the first time you go out there solo. This is arguably the most intimidating trip ever; you feel like you’ve got to fend for yourself, and that you’re the only person who can judge the danger level of any given situation. However, it’s also brilliant, because you work out who you are, what you want, and a whole host of other things.

#2: The first time with friends
Traveling with your friends is like nothing else. Being with the people that you love, in an amazing place, really does make you feel like you can take on the world. Whether your first trip with friends is via those sixth form trips, or a gap year before you head off to university, you will surely be defined by the time that you spend with your besties, discovering the world that is out there.

#3: The first time seeing a landmark
OK, so we hear about these things a lot. Niagara Falls, the Taj Mahal, the safaris in Kenya. There are things that mark countries out, and you see them in films and on television all of the time. The first time you get out there and see some of these landmarks for yourself will make you feel like you really get why people talked about them now (hopefully), and that these wonders connect us all.

#4: The first time luxury-free
So, it’s not all fun and games here. Luxury travel is one thing (well, it’s a thing that we would all sign up for), but there will inevitably be times in your life where you’re not going to be able to travel with such style. We’re talking traveling in a camper van, or traveling through countries where the toilet is, uh, a hole in the ground. This is a test of personal strength; trust us on this one.

#5: The first time with a partner
The first time you get out into the world with a partner is also a major trip in your life, because experiencing travel with the one that you love is a lot different to going out there with your besties. With a partner, you’ll probably be a little more relaxed and romantic, and it is a totally different way to travel than hitting the Berghain with your pals. Venice, we’re talking about you.

Enjoy these 5 trips; they will shape who you are!

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