It’s Never Too Early To Plan Your Xmas Swim

Admittedly, the summer season has barely started: You may not be ready to talk about white Christmases right now. But here’s the thing; Christmas doesn’t have to white and cold, this year. Have you considered making Christmas a sunny and warm vacation opportunity? 

For a lot of people in the northern hemisphere, Christmas marks the beginning of winter. Depending on where you live, you might enjoy a snowy season, while other people may notice a drop in temperatures with none of the advantages of winter. Culturally speaking, we are used to the white celebration cliché that we’ve learned from classics such as Charles Dickens books and It happened on 5th Avenue. However, what we might not realize, is how potentially dangerous of our health a white Christmas can be. Indeed, the festive season is a time for indulgence, from sweet hot chocolates to decadent cakes and cookies. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t put on a little weight during the celebration! The presence of snow tricks the brain into craving more indulging food, which can dramatically increase your consumption of fat and sugar. Additionally, the short days and long nights make it more difficult for your body to maintain its vitamin D production – which is linked to direct sunlight. Without vitamin D, you can experience a mild depressive state of mind, which accentuates the need for sweet treats. To put it in simple words, white Christmas is a health hazard! 

Therefore, now is the best time to consider alternatives that would give you plenty of sunlight and tackle all the unhealthy cravings. How about spending Christmas in the southern hemisphere where you can switch your wooly mittens for a vibrant swimsuit? 

Australia is the place to be
December marks the beginning of the Australian summer, with the temperature hovering above 70 degrees Fahrenheit in most cities, especially along the coast where there is a vast choice of beautiful beaches. Melbourne records averages around 75 degrees, which keeps it a cozy spot without being unbearably hot, for instance. Brisbane and Perth tend to peak around 84 to 85 F, which can be a significant difference with the local temperatures in your hometown. If you want to keep it safe, it’s best to stick to Australian beaches that are not going to be too hot. Directly accessible from the tram line in Melbourne is St Kilda Beach, which is ideal for watching the wildlife and relax. If you want to relax on a sandy spot with your family, Elwood Beach is a more suitable choice; however, you’ll need a car from Melbourne to get there. If you want to make the most of the sun but you’re not keen on swimming in the ocean this early into the season, St Kilda offers a mix of penguin spotting, sunsets, and sweet cake shops, easily reached from a central accommodation, such as the IBIS Melbourne Central. If you want to indulge in a proper beach day, you should opt for beach holiday rentals instead!  

Pack wisely for the sandy days
While you probably have everything you need for the beach right now, it’s worth keeping a list for the winter. When you need to wear heavy jumpers at home, you may not be in the right mindset to pack for a sunny vacation. If you want to spend a lot of time walking on the endless sandy beaches of Australia, you need to pack baby power in your luggage; it keeps the sands off your hands and feet like by magic! For long afternoon sitting on the beach and enjoying the early summer sun, you want to keep your smartphone protected from potential grainy damages or water. Keep it in a transparent freezer bag, as you’ll be able to use it without worrying about your surroundings. 

Remember to prepare your body for the sun
By the time Christmas arrives, your body would have gotten off the habit of staying in the sun. After a few months hidden under long sleeves and heavy clothes, you need to make sure to prepare your skin for your sunny holiday. While the weather is unlikely to be scorching hot in Australia over Christmas, it could be enough to cause unpleasant damages. Indeed, your skin will not be prepared for the summer sun. To avoid sunburns, you need to make sure your skin stays hydrated with a body moisturizer and plenty of water in your diet. Don’t forget to wear protective sunscreen, even if the sun doesn’t feel hot. 

Have your first summer Christmas dinner
While the traditional Christmas dinner tends to offer a variation of roasted meat and heavy carbs, you’ll be pleased to know that Australia has put a summer twist to the Christmas menu, offering a selection of fresh and light flavors. For instance, you can forget about the eggnog that is the grownups’ favorite caloric bombs of the season. Switch it instead for a refreshing and fruity watermelon, ginger and mint punch, guaranteed to offer a healthier alternative. For a vibrant and tasteful side, you can replace the traditional Brussels sprouts with peach, lime and chili salad that puts a summery spin on the festivities. As for the dessert, swap the heavy chocolate yule log against a fruity vacherin with tropical flavors. 

Get in the mood with summer Santa fashion
Last but not least, Christmas fashion becomes less of an issue in Australia. For a start, you may not have the opportunity to wear the traditional ugly Christmas sweater. Who wears a sweater in summer? But you can find seasonal alternatives that can inject some festive spirits into your outfit. If you fancy spending the entire vacation on a sandy beach, nothing says Australian Christmas better than a Mistletoe bikini set! You can also browse creative sites such as Etsy to find light Christmas skirts and dresses that let you make the most of the holidays while sucking up all the goodness of the sun. 

Spending Christmas is a warm country is a perfect idea for minimalists who already have everything they need. By replacing the present by a sunny and summery experience, you can inject some healthy fun in your Christmas celebrations. What are you waiting for to temporarily relocate Santa by one of the glorious Australian beaches? Sea, sun, and Santa are a match made in heaven! 

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