Curtains And Fixtures And Fittings, Oh My!

Buying a house is the biggest privilege of being an adult aside from having a child, and it is also something which so many of us look forward to in our lives. When you finally move into your house and have the freedom to make it you own, there are so many different elements you can change and update in the home. When it comes to the nitty gritty of home decor, our curtains, fixtures, and fittings are often overlooked. This is why we are going to show them some love today and think about how we can make the most of these simple features in the home. 

Chrome it up 
A feature of the home which is often overlooked when redecorating is the light switches and sockets around the home. These small features of a room might not seem like much but they can also make a bigger impact on the home than you would think. One great way to add a modern touch to your home would be to use chrome pieces to the home for a stunning contemporary look. 

Go for great quality 
When searching for fixtures and fittings which will look amazing in your new abode, it is important for you to invest in them and pay for good quality. You can visit a curtains retailer and look at some of the best quality fabrics that you can, and this will ensure that they last for years and years. When buying things such as curtains and fixtures, you won’t often be planning to replace them again and again so it is better to invest initially and then you will have items which last for a long time. 

Get blackout 
When shopping for curtains for your bedroom, it is always a good idea for you to choose blackout curtains which will allow you to sleep in darkness and not be woken up by the sun in the morning. Blackout curtains are especially good for people who struggle to sleep on a regular basis and this is something which will be great for the home.

Consider blinds 
If you love in a fairly small home, it is always good to be able to give the illusion of more space in each room. This is why sometimes, in your living room and kitchen it can be a bad idea to have chunky curtains, and instead it can be a good choice to install plastic vertical blinds which are easy to clean and take up less room. 

Use LEDs 
When buying new light fittings for the house it is important for you to think about ways that you can maximise the energy efficiency in the home. This is where LED lights can be a great choice and they can save you a lot of money on your electricity bill, and a lot of the time they are brighter than their halogen cousins. 

Try Timeless
Remember above all else, to go for timeless and simple pieces which can fit into your home no matter what your design style is. Classic items are ones which can last for decades and still look great amongst evolving design trends. 

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