Naturally Beautiful Bedroom

A serene and calm oasis. Somewhere to listen to the rain trickle down the windowpane, or to watch passersby in the street. Curling up with your current book of choice, and always knowing at the end of a long day, you can sink into your bed and let the world pass you by for a few hours. 

In reality, though, it mostly is clothing dotted around the floor, someone's shoes, a never-ending washing pile and a lot of wanting the bed to look more inviting, to be relaxed and calm.

It is time to take charge and turn your bedroom into the thing you want the most - that space of cool and calm, with a hint of nature. 

The great thing about putting more nature in your bedroom is most colours that naturally occur in nature appeal to our senses. They make us happier and calmer and provided added health benefits. And who doesn’t love that? 

Photo by Timothy Buck on Unsplash


Big plants look like a little piece of the woods in your bedroom, and small ones add beautiful touches of colour. The critical thing to remember when you are adding plants is that they all have different levels of air purification. Ideally, any plant in your room is better than none. If you struggle to keep plants alive, try to only purchase hardy indoor plants. Interestingly green as a colour makes you more productive too - and who couldn’t do with a boost of that in the morning? 


Your bed should always be free of clutter. Clean sheets are generally better for sleeping on, so changing the sheets at least once a week will give you that ‘clean sheet’ day feel that everyone loves. Make sure that your mattress is as supportive as you need it to be, more often than not, we leave our mattresses to get far too old before we replace them. If you have a metal bed frame, consider swapping to a wooden one and check out wicker headboards to go with it. The wooden furniture will complement the look you are going for. 


If you need a lot of storage in your room, try and opt for wooden or bamboo boxes. Wicker baskets, and large wooden trunks for things like duvets and sheets. Pine is one of the cleanest and lightest looking woods, and this makes it perfect for giving your bedroom a light and natural feel. 


If you love colour, then try to stick to colours you might naturally find in nature. Stone colours work well if you don’t like white all that much, and greens and blues are very relaxing. Rather than paint the whole room that colour, think about 4 walls white and one in another colour. Not only will it give you an instance feature wall, but you can use that colour as the ‘theme’ colour for other things you buy like candles, rugs, and bedsheets. 

When going for a natural look in any room, try to stick to naturally found materials, and colours that you would usually find in nature. 

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