The Kitchen That's Perfectly Socialble: How You Can Achieve It

When it comes to our home, entertaining and especially during the summer months, the kitchen can often be the hub. The place where you get the food of drinks, you chat and you socialise. However, not everyone’s kitchen is made for being the perfect sociable space. That is until now. So with that in mind, here are some of the ways that you can transform your kitchen into a scalable space.

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Make it appealing 

Naturally the kitchen is a place that we gravitate towards but you can also look at subtle ways that you can make the space more inviting. To start off with, if your kitchen is big enough, you may want to incorporate a drinking room option. Perhaps adding a high gloss dining room table and chairs into a space, or even some comfortable sofas if that is more your thing. Making the space appealing to socialise in. You could also look at making some cosmetic changes, perhaps painting their walls a brighter colour, or even giving the kitchen a little budget makeover by painting cupboard doors and changing the colour scheme. There are things that you can do to make the kitchen space more inviting and appealing to be in. 

Invest in some new gadgets 

When it comes to having a sociable space in the kitchen, part of the social side of things is to think about the way you store or even create drinks for your guests. So it may be time to start thinking about investing in some new gadgets for the kitchen. This could be a wine cooler or wine fridge, where you can showcase some of your best bottles and keep them accessible for when the time is right. Or even something as simple as a smoothie maker, that can make amazing fruit based cocktails. 

Add some personal touches

Maybe you want to incorporate a couple of personal touches into your kitchen space and this could easily be achieved through photographs. You could display them on window sills in frames, or even create a feature wall using pictures as the main theme. Personal touches might also be displayed with things such as wall calendars or even your favourite quotes to showcase your personality. A sociable kitchen is all about you, and so don’t be afraid to add a mix of things that you love in there. 

Make the kitchen a flexible layout and space 

Finally, you may want to rethink the layout and how the space works for you. It could be time to invest in the kitchen and have it renovated, this can help you to change the layout, add an island or a breakfast bar to make the place a little more friendly. Or it could be that you want to install bifold doors so that during the summer you can really bring the outside in when it comes to extending your home into the exterior space. 

Let’s hope that these ideas help you to create the perfect sociable kitchen in your home. 

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