The views of Cheddar Gorge

Day two of our staycation in Somerset, was a trip to another place I had always heard about and thought it was worth ticking off the list - Cheddar Gorge & Caves, like our trip to Longleat I had already booked the tickets so it was easier for everyone. Upon arrival we started off at the caves, now things like this amaze me but 100% creep me out at the same time, so I really didn't know how I would get on, but I think I did alright. The caves were stunning, nature is really amazing.

After 'escaping' the caves we grabbed something to eat and then checked out the museum the other side of the road which was small but interesting to check out. Then we walked further down the hill, passed the cute little independent shops, from cheese to sweets and a lovely teddy bear shop - it was all so picturesque. there was little cafes, pubs, and I noticed you can play crazy golf too.

The aim was to reach Jacob's ladder and Lookout tower, now I knew it wouldn't be easy as over the years I have developed issues with my hip and back... but this was pain was off the scale very quick. Admittedly it is 274 very steep stairs. Eventually I made it and the views were worth it, after another little climb (this one scared me as it was a basic metal stair case - I don't do well with heights if I am not contained) and we were at the top of the lookout tower watching over the amazing views. 

I decided enough was enough and headed back down to the ground to chill out while my friend took a walk round the hill tops. Our trip was then cut short when the heavens decided to open up and we dashed back to the car and go back to the caravan. 


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