How Do You Know When It's The Right Time To Move?

There aren't many people that choose to stay in the same home forever. Your home may have been perfect when you first purchased it, but knowing the right time to move is key if you want to live a healthy, high quality of life. Below, you’ll find advice on how to know when it’s the right time to move. 

Your Home Feels Too Small
Perhaps you feel you’ve outgrown your home and it feels too small for you and your family. This can happen once you’ve had a few kids and made the decision to start a family. It doesn’t take long for kids to grow, and you tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. This will apply to you especially if your kids are sharing rooms - they can only be expected to do this for so long. Eventually, they will need their own privacy and space. 

Your Home Feels Too Large 
Perhaps your kids have grown and moved away, and now you’re left rattling around in a house that feels way too big for you. It can feel lonely when your house is too large, not to mention the bills you’ll be paying! There’s no shame in finding a nice cosy home to live in if you’re sure your family won’t get any bigger and you’re tired of empty rooms. 

You Don’t Feel Safe In Your Neighborhood
Maybe your neighborhood no longer feels safe. It could be time to explore the safer neighborhoods nearby. This can be painful if you feel like your home is perfect in spite of this, but your safety must come first. You can take a look at sites like to get the process started. It’ll give you peace of mind and stop you from procrastinating. 

Commuting Is Weighing You Down
Commuting to work could be taking you an age and costing you a fortune. Whether you get the train, a bus, or drive doesn’t matter. If you feel like you’ll be working the same job for the foreseeable and you actually enjoy it, moving to be closer to it could be a smart decision. 

The Stairs Aren't Doing You Any Favours
If you’re a little older now, you may notice that the stairs become harder to navigate. This can take its toll, so moving to a one floor bungalow or apartment may be an option for you. It can be tough to let go of a home you’ve lived in and enjoyed for years, but your health should come first. The only other option is investing in a stair lift! 

You’re Paying A Fortune For Your Utilities 
Maybe you’re paying too much for your utilities because of what’s available in your area, or because your home is so large. If you have a pool, rooms you don’t use, and other amenities that are costing you a fortune, you can either get rid of them (remove the pool, rent out the rooms), or move. You’ll save a fortune.

Is it the right time to move for you? 

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