Europe Is Calling, Are You Listening?

The time is now to start planning your family break this year, and if you’re not hot on it you’re going to miss out on some fantastic deals. You are in charge of where your feet take you this year, and there is one place that you should be embracing with open arms in particular - Europe. 

Despite all the political uncertainty surrounding Brexit, it’s important to put that aside when it comes to choosing your holiday. Europe has so much to offer you as a traveller, whether you are heading to France to try out the authentic pastries, joining tours to Italy to explore the architecture, or you want to lounge on the beaches of Spain. No matter what takes your fancy, Europe can offer you anything on your bucket list, exceeding your expectations of taste, style and culture along the way.

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Europe is calling out for visitors right now: she wants to impress you, and as the UK is but a cheap flight away, why not take advantage of some of the many ideas for European trips and get trekking this year? Let’s look into ten reasons Europe is for you in 2020!

1.            The History
Can you really get to Europe and miss out on the history? Nope. Europe is wrapped in history, which means you cannot get away from it. From the Roman ruins to medieval castles, war relics and timeless artworks, you are enrobed in history wherever you go. Every single city on your European bucket list has tons of museums and galleries that drip with their history, shining a light on their traditions and offering you culture you won’t get anywhere else. These are cities that are still breathing the past, and whether you want to head to the Italian fishing villages of Cinque Terre or you want to walk up the Acropolis, you will find something to take your breath away. You don’t even have to be a history buff to fall in love with the echoes of the past, but you will. We guarantee that.

2.            Stunning Architecture
You cannot go through any city without feeling in awe of the historical architecture built by hand. You can see the times change just by walking down one road: it’s a stunning place to be if you appreciate old architecture. From the Notre Dame in France, to the Acropolis in Greece, there are buildings that will walk you back through time and give you a sense of total peace just by looking at them.

3.            The Food...Oh, The FOOD!
Yes, Asia has street food and the Aussies are good with pies, but Europe? You don’t get food like they do in Europe anywhere else. Authentic Italian pizzas, Bavarian beers and Bratwurst, French cheeses... you only have to visit one place to leave ten pounds heavier and a lot happier! The culinary experiences that you will have in Europe will be nothing like you’ve experienced anywhere else and you will go home heavier, satiated and filled with memories of Gelato and Portugese wines.

4.            It Looks Good...No, Great...Utterly Stunning
You’re going to need a few memory cards for your camera before you set off on your holiday. Why? The European attractions are nothing short of spectacular. Mountains capped in snow throughout Italy and France. The golden, seemingly endless Greek sands. The jaw-dropping views across the oceans and countryside in equal measure. Every single country in Europe takes you through a journey of utter beauty. There’s just nothing better than the diversity in climate, scenery and things to do. 

5.            Interesting Culture
Music and art are two things that Europe does very well. Some of the best theatres in the world are located here, with art museums and galleries everywhere you go. Italy itself has more masterpieces per square metre than anywhere else in the world. In the Louvre, there are over 400,000 different objects and displays on offer for your viewing pleasure. The culture is sitting and waiting, inviting you to dive right in. What are you waiting for?

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6.            Easy Travelling
In Europe, you are going to experience excellent transport links. You can Interrail around Europe, fly wherever you want to go. Every single day can be different, from laying on the beach in Spain to sliding down the Swiss Alps. A single passport gets you around the continent, and you can move seamlessly through EU countries with a stamp in your passport, too.

7.            Love To Shop?
Good news for the avid shoppers among you. Europe is home to some of the best fashion capitals of the world you’ll be able to travel on the most basic budget and still manage to haggle at the markets and trawl through some of the beautiful shopping districts across the continent. When you come to Europe over Christmas, you’ll experience some of the most spectacular Christmas markets around the world.

8.            Constant Celebration
There is a festival for everything in Europe. From the historical events to the religious, the artistic to the musical, there is excellent company, food and drinks with like-minded people who are looking to celebrate something, too. It makes Europe a very friendly place to be when you can always find a party!

9.            You Feel Welcome
Hospitality is a way of life for most Europeans, which means that no matter where you go across the continent, there is always someone there to welcome you. They’ll give you the right directions when you need them, and they’ll be more than happy to point you in the direction of the best local beers. All you need to do is ask!

10.         You Could Find A Job
In Europe, your travels could take you somewhere where there are job opportunities ahead for you. Working in the tourist sector of Europe is going to open a whole new world for you, so if you want to work there you know that there are opportunities. Take your time in travelling and make sure that you find the right place to be!

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