Turn a Love of Learning Into a Career

People who love to learn often gravitate to jobs where they can spend their time learning or share their knowledge with others. If you're someone who can never get enough of learning new things, you can discover the many ways to ensure you can keep learning throughout your career and outside of work too.

Become a Teacher

Being a teacher is a way to foster a love of learning in the next generation, or sometimes in other adults too. It's also a way for you to continue learning on the job. Once you're qualified to teach, you will keep learning throughout your career, both in the subject you teach and teaching itself.

Work in Academia

The world of academia can be a tough one, but it's one that many choose if they love to learn. Whether you like languages, science, history or anything else, you can spend your time researching, teaching, writing papers and discovering new knowledge.

Be a Researcher

Researchers are required in different fields, sectors and industries. You could be an academic researcher, but they are also needed in the private sector, non-profit organizations, and more. Researchers carry out studies and surveys, look for primary and secondary sources, and aim to get to the truth.

Work in a Library, Museum or Gallery

Taking a job in a library, museum or art gallery allows you to be surrounded by knowledge and art at all times. A qualification in library sciences could be your key to open the door to this world.

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