Normalising Conversations about Mental Health & Parenthood

Whatever you’re feeling, you’re not alone...

Over the years parts of society has been desperately trying to speak out about mental health problems. Especially when it comes to parenting... you will not find many people out there who haven't suffered first hand, or been touched by someone that has suffered in some way or another.

Recently I came across the Zombiemum podcast, hosted by Laura Dockrill it is an extension of Laura's book “What Have I Done?”, a powerful memoir which explores the award-winning author’s struggle with post-partem psychosis.

Launching March 2021 Zombiemum, produced by Broccoli Productions will feature guests include Paloma Faith, Joe Wicks, Candice Brathwaite and Denise Welch. Each week the different guest will speak about their own unique experience, either through being a parent themselves or their own childhood, for a deep dive into the topics that aren’t discussed enough.  

When asked about her latest project Zombiemum, Laura said;

Zombiemum is an extension of “What Have I Done?”, opening up the floor to have a much-needed conversation, to throw light onto the darkness. I wanted to speak the unapologetic real talk I craved, capturing true lived accounts from real people that had done it and lived to tell the tale. It's not just for new parents either, these are raw human stories told from the front lines covering many themes from a range of points of view about the human condition, stories that touch us all. Broccoli have given me permission, support and a safe space to talk to some incredibly inspiring, courageous and generous sur-THRIVE-ers that have been through some tough stuff and made it out alive. Zombiemum is a hand in the darkness.”

Zombiemum, the podcast normalizing conversations about mental health and parenthood will have 11 episodes in season 1. I honestly can't wait to sit back and listen to everyone's stories.

The Zombiemum trailer is below.

You can listen to the full episodes of Zombiemum for yourself here
The first episode features Paloma Faith.

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