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Review posts are always clearly marked.  They are written by myself from when a brand has provided a sample product me or my family to test in return for an honest opinion.
CookieJarLife is open to review your products and advertise your companies, to find out how feel free to contact me at I will always include a way of contact to the company itself when available, and will provide photographs taken either by myself or stock photos from the brand. When I have been given compensation to provide an opinion on a product, website or anything else it will be stated at the end of a post. Even though compensation is received, all that is written will be MY OWN words and will be 100% honest.

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Sponsored content is accepted on this blog, this included self written and guest posts. 

Topics accepted can vary, and methods of disclosure can also vary, please do let me know via email what your clients needs are and I will best try and adapt to suit needs. Emails will be replied to within 24 hours and twitter is monitored between 10am-4pm daily. Sponsored content will be removed or changed to a no-follow link at my discretion after 1 year.

twitter: @hellowandererUK 


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CookieJarLife does not gather cookies, but may on occasions use third-party applications that may attempt to store data. If you do not change your browser settings you consent to the use of any cookies used.
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All comments on the blog are moderated before being visible to the public.  I reserve the right to remove any comments that are abusive, spam and encourage hate to anyone else. If you are concerned by a that may of slipped through the net please feel free to contact me.

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